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Academy of Science

Gala Dinner 2018

Client Relationship

Our relationship with the Academy of Science began when we started working on events with them at the Shine Dome (a venue that they manage).  This was the first event we had quoted on for them in another venue.

The Brief

Event is a black tie dinner.  This particular dinner will launch the first ever Indigenous Scientist Award so we would like something earthy but glamorous.

Proposed Concepts

For this client we again started with a few different options:

  • Sand Art Centrepieces - no two vases would be the same as each pattern would be a little different

  • Bamboo lanterns with eucalyptus wreaths. - Each lantern would be lit from within with an LED candle. This would create a wonderful pattern on each table.

  • Custom Glowing Art Centrepieces - Our acrylic tubes would be filled with the clients choice of indigenous art and lit from below.  If looking for further interest around the room we could produce a number of different artworks to be placed around the room. 


Below is an image of the proposed sand art piece and a later improved version.


The client loved the idea of using artwork from a local indigenous artist (especially as the dinner would be held at the National Art Gallery).  She researched local artists and contact one whos art she especially loved.  The client spoke with the artist, explained what we were looking to do a received the artists blessing to use her art in this way.  The right to use the art was purchased and we had the artworks printed up on special media that suits our light boxes.

Finished Product

The final product was a total of 5 different artworks placed around the room on tables.  Each artwork was explained with an information card placed on the table and the artist details were also provided for any guests that may be interested in purchasing the artworks.

The lighting in the room included gobos that added to the room look and helped to create an event worthy of this special event.