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Australian Cyber Security Centre Conference 2017

Client Relationship

Having worked on the ACSC conference since 2014 we had built up a strong, collaborative relationship with our clients. Each year we provided styling services for additional areas of the conference including exhibition booth styling, chill out zones, pop up cafes, games areas and centrepieces for the dinners.  


The Brief

Create a new, innovative way to style the conference throughout all areas of the conference space. Special focus to be placed on the Exhibition Hall roof and Plenary set.  

Proposed Concept

The design concept for the exhibition space focused on the roof.  We wanted to incorporate the conference artwork into the design so we suggested filling the roof space with hundreds of 1.2m tall hexagons. 

In order to keep the feeling of light and not create flat blocks in the roof we proposed filling the center of each hexagon with a yellow cellophane type product (yellow had been chosen as the theme colour for that particular year).  This would have a double advantage as when the light hit the centre of the hexagons it would also project yellow hexagons onto the different surfaces of the room such as the floor and walls.

We proposed to hang the hexagons at two different levels throughout the space to add more depth to the set.

Another feature of our design concept was the method of attachment in the roof.  We were very conscious of the issues of using truss lines to hang the set.  If we were to use truss it would take a lot of the focus off the hexagons which were to be the hero of the roof.  We therefore proposed "dead hanging" each and every hexagon.  This is a much more labour intensive method of hanging however it would give the best end result.

Below is the concept image we sent to the client for the Exhibition space.

The design concept for the plenary was to continue on the feel of the huge hexagons from the Exhibition Hall into the main Plenary area.  We proposed to do this by hanging a series of white hexagons that would surround the large screen and allow the audio visual company to project onto them.  

We again didn't want to see large truss lines and we wanted the hexagons to appear to float in front of the drape line.  We proposed to do this by hanging the hexagons on runs of wire that would almost disappear against the drapeline.

Another aspect of quoting this set was to give the feel of surrounding the audience with the set.  To achieve this we proposed that we bring the hexagons in around the sides of the audience rather than just have a flat line of set behind the screen.


Once the client had confirmed the design concept we went into production mode to create all of the hexagons.  We sourced all of the frame materials for the exhibition set locally including having the frames all cut to the exact same size on a CNC machine. The frames were then painted black.

The yellow "cellophane" product was sourced within Australia and then cut to size.  

Finally the pieces were each put together to create complete hexagons.

In all we produced 320 hexagons for the roof of the exhibition space.

We also sourced the hexagon flats for the plenary locally and had them cut on a CNC machine.  We then consulted with our riggers in relation to how to hang the plenary set, tested our hanging method and had it all signed off on by a licensed rigger. 

On Site

In order to hang the Exhibition set within a specific time frame that we were given by the venue we brought in 4 riggers, 4 lifters and 6 ground staff for part one of the set up which was overnight.  This took 7 and a half hours.  The following morning 1 rigger and 4 ground staff completed the set up with a 5 hour shift.

The plenary set was hung in conjunction with the audio visual company's set up.  This was a further 2 riggers, lifters and 4 ground staff.  This was set in half a day.

Finished Product

The final product saw one of the largest event spaces in Canberra filled with hundreds of flying hexagons. 

The sun shone through the pieces creating yellow patches on the floor, stair wells and walls at different times of the day.  

The use of the yellow almost made you feel like you were walking around a bee hive.

The plenary turned into a moving colourful space.  The audio visual company projected a range of moving images, colours and patterns onto the hexagons throughout the conference.

The vision of bringing the set in around the sides of the room worked perfectly making the audience feel like they were surrounded by the set and projection.

A number of additional areas were supplied by us including a games area, a chill out zone, a mini golf station, pop up cafe, cupcake stand, signage on the front and back doors of the venue, foam hashtag letters, donut wall, lego table, ice cream van, breakout room sets. 

All of these items were also put together based on the theme of hexagons and the conference yellow or the sponsors colours.

The client was extremely happy with the end result of the entire conference styling. They were impressed with the flow of the theme throughout the different spaces and were especially delighted with the impact the installation in the Exhibition space created.



This conference won the Territory award for "CIM Magazine Best Meeting or Conference Award" at the Australian Event Awards 2017.