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Boral Conference 2018

Cocktail Dinner

Client Relationship

This was the first time we had been asked  to quote for an event for this client. Having no past relationship with the client we knew that we would need to provide interesting ideas that worked with the brief provided to win the job.


The Brief

To create a feel of the future for the clients stand up, cocktail dinner event.

Proposed Concepts

For this event we proposed one concept with a number of items throughout the room to reinforce the theme.  We collaborated with the chef to provide different and unique ways to serve food that were possible for us to build and the chef to plate.  Some of the items proposed included:

  • A floating item to be displayed in the room.

  • An entree wall for guests to be able to grab a spoon from a freestanding wall. The chef would come up with an exciting entree to be plated on the spoons.

  • A display of test tubes to hold drinks, we would also supply small holders for wait staff to carry so that the used tubes could easily and quickly be collected from guests.

  • Our amazing acrylic table to be used as an oyster bar.  The chef will dress the table and fill the tray with dry ice so that the bar smokes at points during the evening.

  • Glowing cocktail tables throughout the space for guest use.



The client chose to proceed with all of our ideas so we set to work on creating the entree wall (most of the other items were pieces that we already had in stock).

The wall construction began with sourcing a strong durable finish that would look great when completed.  It also needed to be durable and difficult to scratch.

We then needed to find suitable spoon holders for the wall.  We borrowed a few spoons from the chef and set about fining something that was modern, easy to attach to the wall and also had grip so that the spoons would not slide easily.

The wall was constructed and ready for show.

Finished Product

The finished product was a room full of special features.  

The glowing cocktail tables added colour to the room, the floating object was a fun futuristic prop in a corner of the room, some test tubes were filled with drinks and others with entrees.

  The real features of the room however were the entree wall that greeted guests as they entered the room and the acrylic table that was placed in the centre of the room and took your breath away when fully dressed and smoking from the dry ice.

Both the client and venue were happy with our work on this event.  Collaborating with the chef was wonderfully rewarding and an experience we look forward to having again.